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Vacuum Brazing

- R&D in Joining Technology for Prototype and Initial Products

  • Research and development in joining technology for prototype and initial products
  • We actively support our clients in developing new products and reducing costs by offering various consulting services such as making a plan for vacuum brazing, research and development of joining methods and jigs, and selection of temperature program and brazing filler metal. In regards, we also provide strategic consulting for selection of joining materials by its quality, specifications, and purpose of use.

- Vacuum Brazing Service (Mass Production)

  • Vacuum brazing hard-to-weld products.
  • Aluminum Plate: ESC / Heater, Window : Ceramic / Ti / Be, Feed through, Waveguide, Backing Plate, Heat Sink, Chamber Cooling Coil, Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Vacuum Components.
  • Customized brazing filler metal suitable for the product's usage environment and specifications.
  • Developing and Customizing filler metal for active metal and step brazing for clients.

- Process Flow