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"Welcome to NEIS KOREA Co., Ltd., We are specialized in Vacuum Brazing "

Welcome to NEIS KOREA.
NEIS KOREA is a joint-stock company of “neis Co., Ltd.” in Japan,
a company with more than 60 years of history in specialized welding technology,
and “IP METAL Co., Ltd” in Korea, a company with more than
30 years of history in producing materials for welding.

We offer our clients the best welding technology and
consulting services such as vacuum brazing, hard facing,
and etc. with skills and know-hows from a long time experience
in specialized welding industry.

Especially, vacuum brazing is a high-end joining technology
because it results in parts with extremely strong joints and
with no residual corrosive flux.
This material joining technique offers significant advantages:
extremely clean, superior, flux-free braze joints of high integrity and strength.
Therefore, it is not only used in a general industry but also in industries using high-end technologies such as producing semiconductors, medical devices and aerospace equipment.

NEIS KOREA's firmly focused on delivering what client's needs, and we cooperate closely with our clients to work out a package of services that fits perfectly.

CEO Bong-ho Choi / CEO Yoshio Sato